Season 2 (2001-02)



17 Aramis Kudryashov (Anastasia Shmakova/Alex Gladd) He is 21/Waiter. They met in a restaurant since both of them are Russian. His friend Diana has shown her around and now he thinks something else is going on as she smells different. He told her he loved her one night and can't deal with her cheating or losing her. She is 20/Unemployed. Day 3 - She goes to a Mexican restaurant with a girl, Alex, holding hands. Phone - He says he's getting off work early and they should do something. She says she can't because a friend is coming over and not to be pissed at her. A friend does come over and they go to the Sun Suites Motel. Day 4 - Outside Alex's apartment - poolside. Anastasia gives her a backrub and they kiss. Phone - He called her 5 times and she says she was outside smoking cigarettes with a girlfriend. On the way inside Alex grabs her ass. Day 7 - Anastasia rents a hotel room and we can see them undressing each other through the window and falling down onto the bed before they close the shades. Briefing - 6:45 pm outside a UA movie theater. He had no idea she was gay. Confrontation - in front of the theater as they are leaving. Anastasia is shocked that she was caught. Alex says Anastasia is beautiful and you would do what she did too, to leave her alone and she isn't interested in Aramis, she's just a friend, but maybe Anastasia likes her better. Aramis doesn't know Alex. Alex says Anastasia likes to be licked, not sticked. Alex can't believe all these people he brought. He says they are his friends. Anastasia is shown the footage, gets embarrassed and is sorry. On the other hand Alex isn't ashamed and Aramis tells her to f-off. Anastasia says it was just a little fun, a game and is sorry. She holds Aramis and cries. Alex blames her reaction on the drama. Anastasia wants forgiveness and Alex leaves with a detective. He asks Anastasia how can he kiss her after what she did? She kisses his hand. Tommy says Cheaters are like his family and not to break his heart. She says they love each other and go home together.  Afterwards -
Kristen Cone (Brent Cone/Withheld) She is 24/Homemaker. They have two kids, Avery and Bradon. Everything was great until she got pregnant, had a daughter and gained 75 pounds. Now he goes out all the time and she heard him talking to a woman who called him on his cell phone. He was using pick up lines. She was always faithful and cries. He is 25/Salesman. Day 7 - He goes to a sports bar with a woman. Day 10 - He goes to Dave & Buster's Bar with a different woman. They go to a second restaurant, hold hands and after drinks they start kissing. Then he drops her off and they make out. Briefing - She says he's still out all the time, but denies cheating. She brings his sister Tiffany with her. Confrontation in a Hotel lobby. He's sitting on a couch with a woman. Kristen smacks him in the face and punches him. He asks what this is? The woman says she had no idea he was married. Tiffany yells at him that he doesn't deserve his family. He says it is all ridiculous, has nothing to say and wants to leave. Tommy says he's weak, disgusting and not much of a man. The bartender calls the police on Kristen and when the police arrive everyone scrambles and leaves. Kristen says he's an alcoholic and stood by him and cries. Afterwards -
Charlotte Rae (1-2) They were married 2 years, together for 4, then show cut off. #201. 11/4/01
18 La Tasha Jones (Mr. Jones/Mirelle) She is 23/Home Maker. They married in June and it got worse, started arguing more. When his cell phone rings he checks the caller ID and won't answer, won't let her see it and changes the code. He's heard women say they are with him, he stays out until 6am, doesn't show her love, but she stays with him since she hasn't caught him. He is 33/Bartender. Day 3 - He goes out in the parking lot while he is working, meets Mirelle there, they kiss and he goes back inside. Phone - He says he's working and after he's getting car parts. Day 5 - He goes out in the parking lot with a different girl and they hug and kiss. Day 6 - He's back in the parking lot with Mirelle and takes her inside with him after the club closes. Phone - He says he's tired of her, doesn't need anybody, but denies cheating. If he was he wouldn't come home. Briefing - 1:45am she cries over the footage. Confrontation - waiting outside the club at 3am. He comes out and La Tasha asks him who the girl is. He just laughs and walks away. Mirelle drives off. He jumps in a friends car and drives away. The manager comes out all pissed off and tells Cheaters to get off his property and never come back. 3:25am he calls her and denies cheating, she says he's a liar. She wants to know why he ran away and tells him it's all on tape. He says it's not him, just someone who looks like him. She says she'll show him the tape. 5 minutes later Danny calls Tommy to say Mirelle is at a Conaco station. They go there and Mirelle says she had no idea he was married, they only met last week and thinks this is all a joke. He gave her his cell phone number and said he didn't have a girlfriend. La Tasha calls him on the phone to say she's talking to his girlfriend. He denies knowing her. Mirelle says she now wants nothing to do with him and leaves. 15 minutes later - La Tasha says it hurt her to see the footage and she wishes she didn't know the truth. Afterwards - La Tasha wants to make it work, but can't talk about the cheating. He says if she goes to Cheaters that equals divorce. He was evasive about Mirelle.
Jube Marsh (Mrs. Marsh/Withheld) He is 26/Head of Household. They met 6 years ago and it went from like to love. He never had real love before, got married, had a kid, then she started hanging around with single women who have no kids. She goes out all the time, parties and stays out late. She is 20s/Waitress. Day 1 - She gives a co-worker a ride home and they spend 3 hours inside his house, go to a bar, back to his place and stays overnight. Day 2 - They go to work, he drives her car. Day 5 - They go to a bar for a few hours, then back to his place. Day 6 - She takes her son to daycare and doesn't put him in the car seat. Phone - Jube asks her point blank if she's cheating with the co-worker and she denies it. Later they get together. Day 9 - She drops him off and they kiss in the car. Briefing - 4:30pm. Confrontation - at the man's house. When spotted the couple runs inside. A drunk man on the porch won't let Cheaters in, says he's not the cheating guy's dad. They come out and the man gets right in Jube's face. He wants the truth, she says divorce papers are coming tomorrow. Jube yells at the guy, the non-dad gets in his face looking for a fight, says he'll come to Jube's house. She gets in his van, says nothing and gets on the phone. She explains they only know one side, there's been 5 years of abuse. They only got married because she was 9 months pregnant. The guy says nothing, gets in the van with her and they drive off as Tommy yells, "You should be ashamed of yourself.". The drunk not-dad punches the Cheaters van as they leave. He says she destroyed their marriage and neglected their son. Then they drop Jube off. Afterwards - Jude is shaken and despondent and is getting a divorce and is fighting for custody. She's still with the man and neither will comment.
Donna Rousseau (7-1) She is 48. She was in shock, got busted, was wrong, got caught. She denied it at first because Willie was hurt. No one made her do it, she was addicted to drugs. The men were addicted to sex. Drug addiction is a terrible thing and she didn't want to have sex with all those people. She did it because she needed drugs. She spent $60-80,000 a year on crack. She's been addicted to it for 8 years. Seeing herself made her realize she had to change. Cheaters is instrumental in making the first step. Willie checks in on her now that she supports herself. She goes to church on Sunday, has a spiritual side and respect she owes all to Cheaters. #202. 11/11/01
19 Jerry Vielma (Margo Vargas/Jessie Mendoza) He is 20/Salesman. They met at a club where she was a waitress. She had 2 kids, he accepted that and loves them, takes them to a park and plays with them. She doesn't hold him in bed and pushes him away. She's always out until 10pm with her friend Jen, but he calls Jen's house and she's not there. She is 20/Day Care Worker. Day 2 - Margo leaves her mom's and a guy comes and picks her up. They go to a mall in the rain and kiss outside. Phone - she says she has to work late, a parent didn't show up on time and she'll get a ride to her mom's. She and Jessie play games, go to a lingerie shop, play air hockey and leave. Day 4 - Jessie picks her up at home in the rain and they get dinner at a cheeseburger shack. She strokes him at the table, feeds him, they leave and make out in the car in front of her house. Day 6 - Jessie picks her up at work. Phone - She says she has to work late again and will make it up to him. Meanwhile she is kissing Jessie in his car. Briefing - 4:15pm - She picks up her daughter from the hospital, then heads right out with Jessie. Confrontation - as they are leaving the Town Mall. She wants to know what Jerry's doing and to get out of her face. Jessie knew Margo lived with Jerry and laughs saying she doesn't want him. Margo walks away and says she can't believe Jerry. She says, "So what? Why can't you do this at home. Jessie isn't your problem and I'm sleeping with him. I don't care if you love me." She gets in Jessie's car and drives away. Jerry says nothing. Afterwards - Jerry was exasperated and left her. He threw himself into his work. Margo wanted him back, but he didn't want a relationship.
Maricela Montes (Rick Vasquez/Connie Hernandez) She is 21/Cashier. They met in a grocery store. He came up to her, didn't think he was faithful, but saw him around. She trusted him as he's like a father to her kids. He acts fidgety and won't touch her. They have less sex, no hugs or kisses and found phone numbers in his jeans. He says they are just friends' numbers. He is 29/Night Club Bouncer. Day 4 - Connie comes over for dinner. Afterwards they go outside, smoke pot on the steps, touch and kiss. Day 7 - a hidden camera inside shows her coming over and making out on the couch. Then they go to the bedroom, come back. Phone - he says he's just watching TV. Connie gives him oral on the sofa, then gets on all fours. Briefing - 8:47pm - Maricela knows Connie. Confrontation - as they are leaving Chili's Connie tells Maricela that Rick likes it the way she gives it. Maricela says she can have him. Rick has nothing to say. Maricela says he was happy until Connie came along. Rick says, "Whatever happens, happens. If you want to talk, OK, but not here." Connie doesn't care they got caught, isn't selfish and got what she wanted. They're not in love, just screwing around. What else can he do but talk to her later? He goes to leave with Connie since they already made plans. Maricela says to talk now or not at all. He says he'll take care of the kids and leaves. Afterwards - Maricela is avoiding him and would only take him back if he went to rehab. Connie doesn't care about either of them and Rick has no comment.
Crystal Raymond (14-1) She is 19/Retail. She thinks Cheaters are all bastards. She was pissed at first, but it was a good thing she got caught since it would've come out anyway. She never knew people were watching and was shocked. She thought he was cheating because his sister told her so and all of her ex's cheated on her. She felt really bad and it was not cool what she did. If he did it to her she would've slapped him. He knew it was revenge and he deserved it. If she could do it over she would've left with Miguel and doesn't know why she left with Nick when she had to go back to work. Now she and Miguel are just friends, not lovers. She loves Miguel, but doesn't want to talk about it because it makes her cry.
20 Teri Cox (Patrick Owens/Michelle Fester) She is 30/Student. They met 2 years ago at The Lucky Blues Club. She got an apartment near him, but he never comes over. They have no sex since she got an STD from him and is afraid he got it from another girl. He is 36/Musician. Day 3 - He goes to a coffee shop, meets Michelle there, they go inside and then he plays guitar for her on the patio. Phone - He's too busy writing a song about her to come over and have sex. Day 5 - He goes to a bar, gives Michelle 2 roses, they go inside and kiss at the bar. Phone - He says he just got a gig and blows her off even though Teri says she cooked his favorite food. Hours later they leave the bar and in the car they make out hard. He leaves, then comes back. Day 7 - Pat goes to her place. Two hours later they leave and she's half dressed. They make out and hug by his car. Briefing - 10:45pm. Teri cries and gets hysterical. Confrontation - As they are leaving a club. Teri pushes Michelle and she says she didn't know he had a girl. Teri screams at him like crazy, says he used her, took everything and Michelle is a slut. Pat says they are just friends. She keeps screaming at him that he's a loser. People nearby laugh at him and stop to watch. He lied about about being at a gig and he says he has a gig later. Teri tells him she has an STD and when he goes to hug her she yells at him to get away. He then goes over to Michelle and she says for him to get away because he's nasty. Teri asks him if it was worth it. Pat says no and he's sorry. Teri makes him get on his knees if he wants forgiveness and when he does she throws back her head and laughs at him for doing it. He keeps grabbing at her and Tommy yells at him to stop touching her. Teri says, "My love" kisses him on the head then, "I hate you" and leaves. Afterwards - Teri forgave Patrick. He said it was just flirting and has sworn it off. He doesn't see Michelle any more. Michelle said nothing.
Brock Mayo (Steven Mongold/Chad Collum) He is 33/Salesman. They chemistry was so strong, exciting, he loves him, it's magical. Steven doesn't want to talk about commitment and wants to know why he has pulled away and there is no sex. He feels something is going on. If he's cheating he'll focus on his career and stop dating. Steven is 31/Office Manager. Day 2 - He goes to an outdoor patio bar, meets Chad there, feeds him, they kiss and leave arm in arm. Day 3 - He goes to another outdoor bar with Chad, looks around, then makes out. Phone - Steven says he'll meet Brock at a bar at 7:30pm with Chad. Brock arrives and they pretend nothing happened. Brock buys them drinks. Day 5 - Steven leaves his apartment, goes to Chad's for a couple of hours. Phone - Brock asks about their anniversary and what to do for lovers' appreciation day. They leave and make out in the street. Briefing - 8:47pm. Brock says he's out of town a lot. He says there has to be an explanation for Chad's behavior, maybe he's drunk. They would never do that to him, has a huge problem with it because Steven cheated on him a year and a half ago. Confrontation - at The Grape Vine Bar, on the patio. They try to walk right by them and run into Brock. Brock calls Steve a whore, a two timing backstabber and he hates them both. They run out and Brock runs after them. Chad says he's so sick of Brock because he's so whiny. If he satisfied Steven then he wouldn't have come to him. Chad and Steven both drive off in separate cars. Brock never would've believed Chad would do this to him. They are all in the same circle of friends. How could they not tell him this was going on? Steven comes back and asks if Brock is coming home. Brock says he doesn't want him there. Steven won't talk on camera, won't look at the footage and says he'll go home and get his stuff out. Brock says everyone makes mistakes, but this is the second time and he's done. He thought it would last forever. Afterwards - Brock ditches both of them and says they deserve each other. Steven says nothing. Chad says they are together casually and Brock is largely to blame for that.
Michael Oliver (9-2) He is 39/Car Detailer. He was shocked, lots of things went through his mind and was really pissed at his wife and Cheaters. His wife went to far, she could've sat down and talked their problems out. They broke up after, but he'll get over it. There wasn't much abuse, everyone has problems, but not one sided. Cheaters destroyed his marriage. He wouldn't take money to host Cheaters.
21 Stephanie Gutierrez (Mystery Martinez/Amy Barron) She is 21/House Keeper. They've been friends since childhood, started going out recently as both were secretly gay. It used to be great, but it's not the same anymore. There's not much love as she might have gone back to guys and she hopes they can work it out. Mystery is 20/Unemployed. Day 1 - A hidden camera shows her in bed sleeping all day. She gets up, puts on makeup, goes out and comes back with Amy. They start reading something on the bed, then make out. Phone - She says she's just chilling as Steph has to work late. They get under the sheets and have sex. Day 2 - Mystery strips, then gives Amy a lap dance and they both get naked in bed. Phone - Mystery is upset that Steph is coming home early since she has plans to go out with Sappo. She really goes back to having sex with Amy. Briefing - 8:15 pm as it's snowing. Confrontation - As they are leaving a club. Mystery says she's sorry and she loves Steph, but they are crocodile tears. Then she asks, "Why did you do this?" Amy says she knew they were together and only cares that she is with her. Mystery says, "We haven't done nothing. Why didn't you trust me?" When she is told there is footage of her she doesn't believe it. She thinks Steph is cheating, but she denies it. Steph says she'll kick Amy's ass and Amy says to try it. Mystery says, "I trust you and would never do this to you." Steph wants her out, but Mystery says it's her place too. Steph explains she is the only one who works. Mystery says she doesn't want her to work and Steph says that's a lie. Mystery says she's a player and she knows it and hasn't lied. It's Steph's fault now that she missed her bus. How is she supposed to get home? Steph doesn't care. Mystery and Amy then run off together, go through a building, then a college. Police stop Cheaters, so Steph goes back in the van. She says she asked Mystery if she was cheating, she denied it and doesn't need her. Afterwards - Steph ended the relationship because Mystery has no remorse and only regrets she got caught. Mystery says nothing. Amy says it was physical and left her to go back to school.
James "J.B." Travis (Tiffany Brookins/John Lucas) He is 20/Stockbroker. They met at her 16th birthday party and have been together for 3 years. Logically something is wrong because she's not there and won't touch him. Sex is a chore, she just wants to get it over. He could've been played for 4 years. She is 19/Waitress. Day 2 - She works at TGIF, then she leaves and goes to the Olive Garden, meets John and hugs him. Phone - J.B. wants to do something this weekend. Tiffany says she has to work all weekend. She leaves with John arm in arm and drops him off at his apartment. Day 3 - They go to lunch and have crabcakes. Phone - J.B. wants to go out, but she says no because she is taking a bubble bath. She pays, they hug and leave. Day 4 - She leaves home, meets John for lunch and 1 hour later they come out and hug and kiss. Briefing - 1:15am. Confrontation - In front of a nightclub as they are going in. The guys push each other and she laughs. John doesn't want to deal with it so he leaves. Tiffany admits cheating for 3 months, says she's sorry and she's going home. J.B. runs after her, leans on her car and says they can be friends. She says it's f--ked up what he did to her and that he never visits her. She goes to school 90 minutes away now, that's why it's changed. He says would pay for a driver. She tells him to get a job and he says he has one. She starts to shiver because of the cold and he throws her his jacket. John comes back and says he'll get another ho in the club because he's a player and they all laugh. She says she was just wasting time with John and she isn't going to drive 90 minutes to see J.B. He says he loves her and they need to talk. She agrees and they drive off together. Afterwards - J.B. seeks professional help. Tiffany will return to J.B. later when he clears up his mental issues. She was with John so she could distance herself from the deteriorating J.B.
Anastasia Shmakova (17-1) She is 20/Unemployed. At first she was scared from being followed. Alex was a friend, her only girlfriend who just seduced her and she couldn't say no. (Now when the confrontation is shown the Russian is translated for the first time.) They had sex, but she didn't love her, had no feelings for her. Now she is gone and is not even a friend. She knew he was upset and she tried to explain. He will forgive her, but he won't forget. She realized that she could lose him and loves him. Their relationship has changed - she appreciates him more and they are planning on getting married, but are too young now.
22 Bill Ladd (Julie Alexander/Harry Bennett) He is 49/Country & Western Bar Manager. She is a bartender who used to work for him. After a year they started dating and it was like an affair, very exciting, then she quit. Six months ago they started getting serious, now she is never around, disappearing for days at a time. She has no time for him, the love is gone. He can't blame the other man since any man would want her, unless it's someone he knows. She is 36/Bartender. Day 1 - She comes to Bill's place, but it's 5 hours before he's due to come home. She plays pool with Harry who is Bill's roommate, landlord and best friend of 30 years. They hug and she takes off her leather jacket and is only wearing a bra underneath. Then she takes the bra off, covers her breasts and runs away. He chases after her. Hours later she leaves. Day 4 - She comes over and sits with Harry on the couch, they cuddle, watch TV and lay down. Phone - Bill says he'll be late, but she doesn't care. They start to make out, her bra comes off, then they go to the bedroom. Day 6 - She comes over and plays pool again. Phone - Bill has to work early, she says she'll go shoot pool with Tracy then. They make out on the pool table and she leaves before Bill comes home. Briefing - 12:24am. Bill says he can't believe it because he's told Harry everything he's going through with Julie. Confrontation - they are in the Jacuzzi in Bill's backyard. He suspected Harry, but didn't expect this. Harry jumps up and yells, "What the hell!? Who the hell are you?!" Julie jumps out, grabs a towel and tries to run away. Harry wants Cheaters out of his yard. Bill asks, "After 30 years, this is what you do?" Harry says, "I don't care, you don't know how to treat her." Julie says, "Bill is never home, always at the club and I don't want to be with him." She goes inside and locks herself in Harry's bedroom. Harry tells Bill she wants to be with him and gives him a fake apology. Bill says Harry's sad and lonely and can't get a girl on his own. Harry says he's never had  problems getting women and doesn't give a crap what is right. He screams that he's enjoying himself, then flips out and gets enraged against Cheaters and slams the door. He says, "Cheaters is worse than me and I'll have another drink on Bill's grave." They leave out the back and Julie goes out the front, then runs back inside. She says she'll talk tomorrow. Harry flips out when Bill comes back in, leaves, then comes back in again. Harry gets more insane and says he's throwing Bill out. Julie refuses to talk in front of the cameras. Afterwards - Bill is better off on is own. He wanted a truce with Harry, but Harry doesn't want to see him. Harry and Julie are still together, but they wouldn't talk.
Shay Conwell (Ryan Creek/Richard Flores) She is 22/Skin Care Professional. They met 6 months ago through friends as both have the same career. Recently he's been distant, gets off the phone quickly and sneaks on his cell phone. He won't live together and never had sex. If he's cheating, she's done, there's no point. He is 28/Masseuse. Day 6 - He sits on the patio of The Lime Bar when Richard comes over, kisses him, hold hands, go inside and sit together. Phone - He says he's meeting a client at The Lime Bar. She's surprised since it is a known gay bar. He denies knowing that. Hours later they leave hand in hand. Day 7 - He goes from work to a restaurant. He comes back out with Richard and they make out in a car. Then they drive to Richard's place for the night. Day 10 - He goes to Richard's and carries in his massage table. Phone - He says an appointment came up. She says they have plans and people are waiting on them. He knows, but needs the money. Later they come out half naked, kissing. Briefing - 11:25pm - She is shocked to learn he is gay, had no idea, feels stupid and doesn't understand why he went out with her. Confrontation - as they are leaving a bar. Ryan says they are just having drinks. Richard can't believe Ryan was dating a woman. She wants to know why. Ryan says he tried. Richard says, "Go away Miss Britney Spears, not quite a woman. Revelation - he's gay!" Richard doesn't care he was with Shay. Shay feels so stupid and embarrassed as the boys run away together and drive off. She's glad he's gone because she doesn't know him. Afterwards - Shay recovered quickly. Ryan is glad to be free and was tired of leading a double life. Richard says he's looking forward to a more intimate relationship.
Steven Mongold (20-2) He is 31/Officer Manager. Brock was mad and hurt which made him feel awful. He didn't want to hurt him and he deserved better. He and Chad were surprised, but didn't want to talk about it in front of everyone. Chad told him Brock was messing around, so he went with him, but he lied. He only did it out of anger since being with Chad would hurt Brock the most. In his mind it was over and he didn't care if he was caught. He's not happy with Chad and sees him around because they have the same friends. Brock is now his best friend, doesn't know what will happen from there, but is glad he's there.
23 Don Alexander (Miranda Alexander/Dan) He is 26/Police Officer. They've been together for 4 years, married for 2. They met through friends, started hanging out, partying. After 1 month it was love, they grew on each other. Last month she started dressing sexier and working more on her appearance. He thinks she's with a co-worker. Love is easy, trust is hard. She is 25/Car Dealership Secretary. Day 1 - At her job she leaves following a co-worker, but they lose her. Day 5 - The co-worker, Dan, helps her move boxes, then they go to a park and make out next to an elementary school. She finishes him off with oral sex. Briefing - At his house #1041. He's not going to chase after her, has nothing to say to her - she's dead to him. He's tired of her getting mad at him when she wants to hang out with male friends. He goes in a back room and smashes stuff. He then comes out and reads a long, loving anniversary card she just gave him. Confrontation - 45 minutes later she comes home. She has divorce papers she wants him to sign. She admits to the affair and says she's leaving him. She has nothing to say or explain and owes nothing to no one. She thanks him for signing and says she'll get her stuff when the cameras are gone. He says she brought it on herself and won't be a doormat. Afterwards - Don is getting a divorce, though Miranda changed her mind and wants to get back together because Dan left her for someone else.
Crash Parks (Sherri Parks/Shaun Parks) He is 28/Food Caterer. Everything was OK until she got pregnant. She became bitter and won't say she loves him. He knows she's doing something she's ashamed of, but doesn't know what's going on. She is 25/Receptionist. Day 2 - She goes out with Crash's brother Shaun, who lives with them, to Wal*Mart. Phone - she tells the truth. When they get back to the car they make out inside. Day 4 - She goes riding on the back of Crash's Harley with Shaun driving. They go to White Rock Lake, make out, then go to a motel for 2 hours. Phone - she says she's going to the Harder Bar with Shaun and they'll meet him there. Briefing - 8:30 pm at Cheaters HQ. He cries after seeing the footage. Confrontation - outside a Pizza & Sub Shop. Chase wants to fight to save the relationship. Shaun is all smug, admits the affair and has no problem with it. Sherri says nothing. Tommy asks if he sleeps with all of Crash's girlfriends. Shaun says just Sherri because she was special and Crash attacks him. She refuses to talk in front of the cameras, says they don't know the whole story, but that she loves Crash. She can't believe all this, wants to stay with Crash, but has to work some stuff out. She says she's sorry and Crash hugs her. Shaun says she's just a broad, he nailed her and it's all good. He walks away and goes into a tattoo parlor. Crash rides off on his motorcycle and Cheaters gives her a ride home. Afterwards - Crash forgave both of them, but wants Shaun out. Shaun now has remorse and was arrested soon after. Sherri was sorry and is more in love with Crash now than before.
Mirelle (18-1) She is 23. She didn't know what was coming, so she drive off. She thought Latasha was going to beat her. She didn't know he was married and gave him her cell number, but never heard from him again. They were going to have sex, so she's so glad she found out. He's not worth the trouble and Latasha should dump him.
24 Sylvia McKenzie (Brian McKenzie/Heather) She us 40s. This is her first one true love and now he won't talk after 12 years of marriage. He comes home late or not at all. She believed in him, put faith and trust in him, family and herself to him. Day 1 - 2/15/02 Friday. He leaves work, goes to Burger King, a woman follows him, parks, gets in his car, then they go to the Hilton Plaza Hotel, park up top. When they finally come back out they have different clothes on. Day 8 - 2/22 - same pattern, have drinks at the hotel lobby. Day 15 - 3/1. They go to the same hotel, he gives her a back rub in the lobby and kiss. Turns out she has a boyfriend on the side. Phone - Sylvia asks him point blank if he is cheating. He denies it up and down. Brian goes out with Heather and they jump in the back of his SUV and have sex. Day 22 - 3/8. They go back to the same hotel, have drinks, go back to the Burger King, she picks up something and go back to Sylvia's for the night since she is out of town. Briefing 8:37pm in the parking garage of the hotel. Confrontation - she brings her daughter and they go to jump him when he's alone. But he spots them and runs back to the hotel. Sylvia blocks him and he runs for the stairs, but the doors are locked so he keeps going. All he says is, "Take your hands off me." He walks out of the garage, into the main entrance and gets in the elevator to the 13th floor. His daughter gets there first and knocks on the door. Heather answers, takes one look and says, "I don't think so." then closes the door. Brian gets there next, goes down the stairs, gets in his SUV and leaves. Heather stays in the room, but says nothing else. Sylvia cries and can't believe he would say nothing. Afterwards - Sylvia hasn't seen Brian again, her looks changed and she feels weak sometimes. Brian says if the show aired it would be an invasion of his privacy. Heather says nothing.
Corbin Perkins (Kim Harber/Manit Chanthanog) He is 24/School Counselor. They met 3 months ago, hit is off, used cute names for each other like 'babe' and 'cuddle bunny.' She doesn't do that anymore and yells at him for stupid things. They had sex 4-5 times a week, now it's down to once. She was dating a guy for 4 years and thinks he's back and it would hurt. She is 22/Maitre'd. Day 1 - 11:46am - She meets Manit, goes to a 7-11, back to his place and leaves hours later. Day 2 - 12:17pm - She goes to Manit's with a package, comes out 45 minutes later, outside the kiss. Day 3 - 11:56am - She goes to his place for 2 hours. Phone - Kim says some friends came to town, has to break their plans, lost track of time. Corbin is disappointed.  Kim and Manit come out happy and hug and kiss. Briefing - 10:47 pm. Confrontation - at a club off alone at a tiny 2 seat table. People in the background cheer and yell busted at them. They get up and walk out. Manit asks, "What's going on? Are you dating him?" Kim says, "Why did he do this an embarrass her?" She tells Corbin she is sorry and Manit wonders when she had time to see him since they are always together. Kim admits she was with Corbin for 3 months. Manit tells her they should leave. Kim says Corbin was never around and Manit is. Corbin doesn't understand that. Tommy convinces Manit if he takes her back she'll cheat again. Manit asks her who she wants and she says him. She's smiling as she confesses to him and they leave together. Corbin walks away. Afterwards - Corbin moved on and met another woman. Kim finally admits she had sex with Corbin. Manit is disgusted and says he should've been the one to call Cheaters.
Patrick Owens (20-1) He is 36/Musician. He says Teri was cheating first. She only confronted him because she felt guilty. When Tommy confronted him he thought it was none of his business and would've slugged him if people weren't there, he's lucky. He says he didn't have sex with Michelle, just hung out, watched movies, missed , fell asleep, woke up and had sex. He didn't have an STD and uses condoms. Teri gave it to herself. He didn't cheat intentionally. Since he's a pro musician it's hard to stay with 1 woman at night when buzzed. They could've gotten married if Teri didn't do this, if she could've worked it out like a rational human being, loved him and worked it out and forgave him, but she couldn't do it.. He then plays a song he wrote for her called "I Wish You Love." "and now you have to go far away/Well look me up if you are back this way/I Wish You Love now baby/I Wish You Love oh yeah/I Wish You Love now darling/I Wish You Love." I really do Teri.
25 Michael Torgensen (Withheld/Withheld) He is 55/Contractor. He met a lady a year ago on the love at AOL site. They had everything in common. She has 3 kids - 2 nine year old twin girls and a 14 year old son. She is on the computer a lot and hiding it from him. It's hard to walk away. She is ?/Home Provider. Day 1 - She stays at the Fox Star Apts. and leaves in the morning with her daughter. A guy owns the apartment and she waits for him to come home. Day 3 - the guys brings her daughter home. Day 4 - he brings the same kid home from school. Day 5 - hugs the daughter when she comes home from school. Day 6 - he comes home and they go to the movies. Briefing 4:34pm by her apartment. He cries and knows the guy. He came to his house and harassed him and called the police on Mike twice. Confrontation - at her place - Apt. 15. He comes out with 2 kids and when they come over they all run back into the apartment without speaking. Mike talks to the door and someone peeks out a window. 7:30pm the Portland police arrive. She called them saying she doesn't want to be on TV. Mike tells the cop his story and the cop asks him if he needs a camera crew for closure. Mike has a court order for her so the cop takes it inside for 10 minutes. She told him she doesn't want to talk and wants them gone. The guy comes out and says nothing. 8:45pm Tommy says it's time to cut her off. Mike says he has enough evidence. Afterwards - Mike files for divorce and doesn't want to see her. She moved in with the guy and both of them say nothing.
Sylvia Vargas (Mr. Vargas/Withheld) She is 26/Student. They met in high school, were friends since they she was18. He was the first guy she was with and the love of her life. The first year was good, then things changed - they had a kid. He goes out, is never around and is an unfit father. She cries saying the children are her strength and doesn't regret them. He is 28/Car Salesman. Day 14 - after work he walks a girl to her car. Phone - she wonders when he'll be home. He says he's on the road. Day 16 - the girl is a co-worker and they leave together. Phone - he says his cell phone was charging in the truck and he doesn't answer the office phone. He carries her over a gate and they make out in her car with her feet sticking out the window. Day 17 - he brings the girl home and stays there all night. Phone - he says he loves Sylvia and will talk in the morning. Briefing 4:25pm - she's not allowed to go to his job or his place. Confrontation - 5:05pm at his job. 6:15 he finally leaves. They follow him to a bank drive-thru. Sylvia wants him to explain what he's doing and he says he's not seeing anyone, just talking. She says it's over and he should've told her. He finally admits he's with another girl, wants a divorce, it doesn't matter anymore and he's going home. She cries saying if he confessed it would've meant something, but he's nothing. Detectives say he might go to the girlfriend's place. 8:17pm they go there and the girlfriend knows he's married, but said they broke up. He says he loves the girl, but doesn't want to see her now. She lives with family and doesn't want the crew to hang around. Sylvia isn't mad at her and leaves. Afterwards - Sylvia filed for divorce since the relationship is dead with no trust. He moved in with a second woman after the first one dumped him.
Ray Richard (6-2) He is 41. He saw his wife so he ran away. He felt filthy and dirty when he saw the footage. She trusted him before and he's trying to regain her trust. Bill Clinton made a mistake when he lied. He says the guy was a twin, that guy doesn't exist anymore and is a reflection of the past. It could be you - he got a second chance.
26 Alfredo "Freddy" Ramirez (Amy Marqueeno/Withheld) He is 30/Tattoo Artist. They met at a house party, dated for a year, then moved in together. He's never been this serious with a woman. Now she stays out late, goes to meetings and is really vague about it. He can deal with cheating, but not lying. He needs her to tell him. She is 31/Secretary. Day 1 - She leaves the house, goes to IHop, meets a guy, they kiss at the table. Phone - Amy says she's going to hang with her friend Terri. They leave the IHop and hug. Day 7 - She leaves home, goes to an empty church parking lot and the guy meets her there. They go into his car and have sex. He comes out afterwards smoking and drinking. Phone - She says she's at home waiting for him. Day 9 - He picks her up at home, they kiss, go to the Microtel Inn for 5 hours at $39.95, then leave, go back home. Briefing - 4:32pm in a parking lot. Confrontation - Outside Payless Discount Liquor. Freddy asks what's she's doing and the guy comes after him. Amy stops Freddy and the guy goes nuts. They hold Freddy back, but the guy keeps trying to get at him and knocks Tommy down. The guy knew about Freddy, but didn't care. Amy says Freddy's never home, works late and she needs someone there. Freddy says he's making money and if she wanted to see him she could come to the shop. Amy says she doesn't want to watch him tattoo girls and that he fools around. He denies it and says he's throwing her stuff out. She says she loves him, but isn't in love, is sorry, didn't mean to hurt him and is glad he knows now, but is really sorry. She's worried about all the skanks that come into his tattoo parlor. She's sorry he had to find out this way and see the footage, but the problem is that he is always working. She leaves with the guy. Afterwards - Freddy dumped Amy and is heartbroken. Amy says life's too short to dwell on the past and she wishes the best for Freddy. The guy refused to talk.
Carolyn Pretzel (Dana Christopher/Ruth Turner) She is 21/Nightclub Entertainer. She met Dana in the club, then went to his house to smoke some herb. She had a kid 6 weeks ago, is still heavy and sex isn't happening. He's not home, says he's gambling with his buddies, but he isn't. He thinks he's smart and sneaky, she just needs proof. He is 24/Bartender. Day 4 - Ruth comes over to his house and they fool around on the couch with the baby nearby. Phone - He says he's going out with friends. Hours later Ruth leaves and they kiss. Day 8 - He leaves home, leaving the baby there, goes to Ruth's for a while, then brings her back with him for a few hours. They go outside and she gives him oral in the car with the kid left in the house again. Phone - He says he's playing cards with friends. Briefing - 9:27pm in the Casino Magic Lot. Tommy says his first of many, "Talk to me Gomez" lines on the phone. Confrontation - as they are leaving the casino. Ruth says she didn't know he had a girlfriend. Dana doesn't know what is going on. Carolyn cries and he says he's sorry and that Dylan, their baby, is with the babysitter. Dana wants Carolyn to come in the car because he won't talk in front of cameras. She goes with him and they leave. Ruth comes back and says Dana told her he broke up with Carolyn. She thought they were "Sneak TV" and Dana is a good liar. They give Ruth a ride home. The car stops and Carolyn comes over. Ruth says she is sorry, it's pouring rain now, they've only dated a few weeks. Dana says he's sorry and Ruth leaves. Carolyn goes back to the van and drives Dana back home. Dana calls friends as she walks away. Afterwards - Carolyn forgave Dana because she can't stand losing him. Dana says the allure of women and gambling took over again and she kicked him out. Ruth says she has inside information on Dana she'll tell for money.
Ryan Creek (22-2) He is 28/Masseuse. It was awkward, like out of a movie. Richard didn't care about Cheaters and was just pissed that Ryan was with a woman. He invited Shay into his gay world, but she wasn't interested. Shay went out of town and her brother came over and he had sex with him. He says Shay's anti-gay comments were surprising and she's like her dad. She needs to be like her mom. He has no hard feelings toward her, should've been up front, he misses her and wants to be friends.
27 Atisha Sharpe (Stonish Jackson/Diane Williams) She is 22/Cosmetics Salesman. She went to a club and he was staring at her and wondered what his problem was, but they hooked up. They got together and she's pregnant now. She found pictures of women and condoms in his car, but he said they weren't his. She let it slide, but is going to catch him. He is 26/Construction Consultant. Day 3 - He works on a car in front of his house and a girl comes outside. He goes back inside with her for a few hours. Day 6 - He comes home, Diane comes out and they go in together. 40 minutes later they leave, go to Arby's, he sends her back in for more napkins and then goes back home for the day. Day 8 - 3:43pm - he leaves late to pick up Diane at the bus stop. They go to a mall, hold hands and come out smiling. Phone - Atisha calls him and says she's been trying to get a hold of him for a while and he is cheating. He denies it, tells her to chill and he's not avoiding her. Briefing - 2:30pm - Diane is her friend and Stonish didn't want her hanging out with her because she is a whore. Confrontation - As they are leaving a supermarket. Atisha runs over and pounds on him. They pull her off and she gets back on him and curses them out. They say nothing and she goes back again. He says he cares, but oh well that's how it goes. Diane says she's jealous and gets mad at him for still being with Atisha and gets out of the car and walks away. People nearby yell and laugh at them. Diane doesn't want the cameras around so Cheaters gives her a ride to another lot so the girls can talk. He kept Atisha away from Diane and told her they broke up. Atisha isn't mad at her. Diane only knew him 5-6 years, but has known Atisha since they were kids and shouldn't have done her like that because they are friends. Atisha goes back to the van and cries. Afterwards - Atisha forgave Stonish and Diane because the power of the lord gave her strength. Stonish denied doing anything wrong. Diane understands Atisha's anger and doesn't see him anymore and made up with Atisha.
Amy O' Neal (Anil Saga/Genesa Causler) She is 22/Pharmaceutical Sales. They met at a party in his apartment on Halloween where she went with a boyfriend. In the beginning they couldn't wait to see each other. She got flowers and cards every day. Now he sounds different, touches her different and she would be angry and betrayed if he's cheating. He is 28/Computer Technician. Day 2 - He leaves their apartment with Genesa and makes out. They leave in separate cards. Phone - he says he had friends over to watch football and needs to clean up. Day 5 - Genesa comes over, goes inside for an hour, then is back outside. Day 9 - They pull up, go inside together and 15 minutes later come out and his tie is all loose. They get in the truck and fool around. Briefing 8:10pm - She says he comes home for lunch, but doesn't eat. Confrontation - outside their apartment. They pull up and Amy asks him what's going on. He says she's just a friend and it's not what it looks like. Genesa says she didn't know about Amy. Amy says she has the IQ of a dead gopher and takes a soda from Anil and pours it on his head. Genesa says she feels like a fool. He says they've only been together a couple of times and Gen says that's wrong and thought he was sweet. She has enough and drives away. He says Gen meant nothing and he loves Amy. Amy laughs at him and he keeps saying please and gets on his knees and begs. Gen comes back and says there's not enough Coke on his shirt and throws her soda on him and leaves. Amy laughs at him and leaves. He says he loves Amy. Afterwards - Amy ditched him. They still live together, but are splitting up. He wants to make peace but can't. Gen thinks it's funny and hasn't seen them since.
Mystery Martinez (21-1) She is 20/Student. She told Steph in the beginning she wouldn't just be with her. Steph fell in love with her so she pretended she was in love too because she didn't want to hurt her. Steph wouldn't give her sex when she wanted and was controlling, so she met Amy, asked for her number and they started messing around. She didn't know that Steph knew Amy, they were both scared and she was freaked out. Steph didn't know Amy was a lesbian and now Steph is with Amy. She lives with a man now and Steph still calls her. She doesn't trust her boyfriend and thinks he cheats. She hasn't changed and doesn't want to see Steph, just be friends, because she did her wrong.
28 Robert Andrew (Cari Wyatt/Carl Burmeister) He is 30/IT Manager. They've been dating for a year, 6 months ago they got engaged, things peaked and 2 months ago they hit rock bottom. She comes and goes, is remote and distant. She uses the hot tub when he's not home, he surprised her at work for lunch and she was out with another guy. She is 19/Home Depot Worker. Day 3 - Carl comes over, picks her up and they go to the Blue Goose Bar, eat on the patio, walk arm in arm, go back to her place and he leaves right away. Day 12 - She goes to Wendy's with Carl. Phone - She says she's doing nothing, just watching TV, but is distant. They leave Wendy's, he carries her piggy back and takes her home. Day 13 - They go to Sharky's Cafe to play pool, 30 minutes later they leave. She gets in his side of the truck and they make out in front of her house. Phone - He's in Philadelphia and has been calling for 2 hours and there was no answer. She says she was in the shower, her work schedule is whenever she wants, they'll call her when they want her. Day 21 - Carl comes over again, they fool around on the couch and get in the hot tub together. Phone - Rob says he'll be away 2 more days, she says she misses him and to come home early because she is doing nothing. He offers to take her to the beach and she blows him off. They make out in the hot tub. Briefing - 8:34pm. Confrontation - at Rob's house where Cari lives with him. They are in bed together in their underwear watching TV. Robert asks who he is. Carl says, "I knew she had a boyfriend and didn't care since she wasn't engaged." When he finds out that she was he says, "Cari why did you lie to me?" He's wearing a bandana around his head and acts really odd. He slams his eyes shut every few seconds and twitches. She gets dressed, says she's sorry and it's not what you think. She can't believe Robert was spying on her. Carl leaves the room, kicks stuff in the hallway and comes back saying they should go outside and talk about it. Robert says the drug addict can have her. Carl gets pissed and swings at him. Rob tells her to pack up her crap and leave. She runs out and drives away. Carl says he doesn't know whose house it is, even though Rob says it's his. He takes his time leaving and says Rob says he can have the lying bitch. Rob can't trust her, she'll do it again and he locks the house up so he can go to Cheaters HQ to get his car. Carl comes back in his truck with Cari looking for a fight. Carl says he got what he wanted and tries to start a fight. Carl keeps taunting him and Cari wants to get her stuff, so Rob lets her in and Carl goes too. Carl then tries to start a fight with Rob inside. Eventually they drive off together and Carl calls him a loser and says Rob lost a hot girl. Afterwards - Robert kicked her out. Cari wanted a second chance, but he refused. Cari had to move back in with her parents. Carl says she fulfilled his sexual needs since he is a sex addict.
Jeff Nowell (Kacy Hooker/John Beck) He is 25/Computer Technician. They met at a restaurant where she worked as a hostess in the Fort Worth Stockyards. He saw her 1 or 2 times a week, everything was new, now she has no time for him. He thinks she's with a co-worker. If it's someone he doesn't know - OK. If it's someone he knows he'll go crazy. She is 22/Hostess. Day 1 - She leaves work and her co-worker John picks her up and they go to his place #1314 for 5 minutes. Day 6 - They walk down the road, go to a restaurant and speed off. Day 8 - John picks her up at home and she emerges in a skimpy outfit. They go to a bar. Phone - Kacy says her family came into town, they are going to a show, then around town, blowing him off completely. They go back to her place, hours later she comes out half naked and they are kissing. Briefing - 9:16pm. Confrontation - They leave a bar and are walking down the street. Kacy asks what's all this and laughs. John says they are just hanging out, only dating a little bit, didn't know she was dating Jeff and doesn't care. She can't believe all this. Jeff says it's over and she'd rather be with John anyway and they leave together and drive off. Jeff can't believe she said nothing. Afterwards - Jeff was depressed for a while. Kacy never felt close to Jeff, he gave her the creeps and couldn't take a hint. John says there are no hard feelings.
Sylvia Vargas (25-2) She is 26/Student. She was hurt, mad, but got closure. It was time to close this chapter and move on. He was trying to make it work, then filed for divorce out of nowhere without telling her. She will be single on 9/24. The other woman emailed Sylvia threatening her since they broke up because of Cheaters. People say how can you be on that show and get exploited and she tells them when you have no place to go and can't afford help it's all you have. She is very grateful to Cheaters and says thanks. #212. 2/11/02
29 Brian Riddle (Jennifer McBride/Ashley Wright) He is 25/Loading Dock Worker. When first met they clicked really well and couldn't imagine them being more than friends. They were close and now she's always out, distant, hanging out with a new girl from a bad crowd. He likes to party, but knows when to quit and doesn't want to share. She is 23/Advertising Executive. Day 6 - Brian works nights and Ashley comes over for 2 hours so they install a hidden camera inside. Day 9 - the girls sit on the couch wearing maid outfits, drink champagne, make out, bring out sex toys, undress and have sex. Phone - she says she's just hanging out with a co-worker. Two hours later Ashley leaves. Day 10 - Ashley comes over, they dress up and have sex on the couch and the floor. Phone - she says she's going with Ronnie to the village. Briefing 7:43pm behind the house - he's shocked. Confrontation - at the pool in his apartment complex. The girls are making out on a lounge chair and drinking. Jen is all smiles and welcoming. Brian drops his engagement ring into her drink and Ashley throws her drink on him. Jen says he's always working, never is around and when he is he won't talk to her. Ashley says she can do Jen so much better than he can. Jen loves him, but can't make up her mind who she wants. She's dabbled at being a lesbian before and can't understand why it would bother him as most guys would like it. Ashley knew she had a boyfriend and would have a threesome with them. He says he was working to make money to make her happy. He doesn't know what to say, cries and hugs her. She loves him, he's her security blanket, but he can't accept their lifestyle. Ashley wants to know who is Jen choosing. He freaks out, wants to go to sleep and talk to Jen. Jen says all the Cheaters people are going to burn then wildly sucks face with Ashley. Ashley wants to be a part of their talk and he doesn't want her there. Jen says she's part of this. He goes home and they push their way inside, so he leaves. Jen says he doesn't respect her needs. Brian doesn't want to be with her since she has no remorse. Afterwards - Brian decided to move on. Jen offered to have a threesome and he was intrigued, but didn't want to share her. Ashley didn't like him anyway. Jen and Ashley are still together.
Jennifer Bailey (Marty Greenstein/Carrie Shenault) She is 20/Waitress. When they met he made her feel loved, they are soulmates, everything is great. He has a kid with another woman and they don't get along. She wakes up in the middle of the night and he is gone. He tells her he had to go help a friend, but she doesn't buy it. She has to know the truth. He is 23/Unemployed. Day 3 - His ex-girlfriend Carrie comes over and goes inside. He leaves to buy fast food and returns. One hour later they leave together arm in arm. He goes back inside. Day 4 - Carrie comes over again, they go to a mall, she grabs his ass and buys a bikini and diapers paying with Jen's money. Phone - He says he's going to a bar. She wonders with what money. They go home for a while. Day 5 - Carrie comes over again for an hour. Phone - Jen says she's coming home early. He says he's just cleaning the house. They leave and make out in the yard. Briefing 11:33pm Cafe Itmar - she's shocked and laughs. Confrontation - as they are leaving a restaurant. Marty says they are America's Funniest Home Videos and they laugh. Jen asks how can he do this? He says he was meaning to tell her. Carrie says they have a kid, what does she expect? He says Carrie is pregnant again with his kid and he had something with Jen. Carrie cares that he was sleeping with Jen, but he's the father of her kids and he was supposed to break up with Jen. He is overwhelmed by the cameras and wants to leave. Carrie is OK with him sleeping with Jen. He says he's sorry, doesn't know what to say, things have been rocky lately. Jen wants everyone to know he is a cheater. Carrie wants to know why she cares. Because he said he loved her. He says he has constitutional rights and to stop following him. Then they drive off together. Jen says she won't stay in the house with him. Afterwards - Jen is deeply distraught because she really liked him.  Marty apologizes, but his feelings were too strong for Carrie. Carrie says marriage is an option, but he needs a permanent job.
Kim Harber (24-2) She is 22/Maitre'D. She was shocked, hadn't seen Corbin in weeks and didn't know what to think. They met at night while drinking and it was a one night stand. She and Manit weren't exclusive. She thinks it's wrong and absurd that he embarrassed her and lied to Cheaters. She broke up with Manit because she lead him on. He left because she doesn't want an exclusive, serious relationship. This taught her she needs to start being truthful. She's young, doesn't care and needs to date multiple people. #213. 2/18/02
30 Sandra Sanchez (Jacob Sneed/Amanda Fritza) Day 1 - since the three of them live together a hidden camera inside shows Jacob jumping into bed with Amanda. Day 3 - he comes over, they make out and jumps into bed and they have sex. Phone - She says he left his cigarettes and he's in a rush to get them since he is broke and can't buy more. Day 4 - he hops the fence to see her, they make out and have sex again for 15 minutes. Phone - he says he's playing basketball near her house and wants to come over to shower. Briefing 3:14pm. Confrontation - at the apartment pool. The manager tells them to leave, they aren't supposed to be there. Amanda says he's happier with her and Sandra did it to her before and she doesn't make him happy. Why should she care about Sandra? Jacob says he loved Sandra and she meant a lot. Amanda pulls him along and they drive away in his truck. He suddenly comes back and Sandra asks how could he do this. He says he was going to tell her, he doesn't love Amanda, it's just sexual. He's sorry and cries on her shoulder then runs inside. Amanda comes back and says they are invading her privacy and lets Sandra live in her house for free. She cares about Jacob, has been with him a while, they love each other and want to be together. She goes inside and says Sandra cheated with her ex-boyfriend. Sandra has no idea what she's talking about and leaves. Afterwards - Sandra is somber, easily forgives them and wants counseling. Jacob says he wanted to, then says they were doomed since day 1. Amanda says what goes around, comes around and they're not friends anymore.
Brent Frishman (Krystal Kemp/Gregg Scannel) He is 19/Camera Sales. They hung out a lot and then 2 years ago started dating. Two months ago she didn't want to be with him, goes out alone, out all weekend, doesn't call. He hears rumors about her and doesn't want to invest time in a lie. She is 18/Retail Arts & Crafts. Day 3 - Gregg picks her up at home, they go to a school at night and play on the swings. Phone - Brent says he's getting off work early and she says he can only come over a little while since she has to go out with her mom. They kiss and he takes her home and then kiss on the doorstep. Day 8 - Gregg comes over again and hangs outside. Phone - Brent says he wants to come over, but she says she has to clean her room. He says he'll help, but she says he isn't allowed over. They hang out by his car. Day 13 - He picks her up with blankets in hand. They go to a park by a lake and have sex. Briefing 11:16pm - he's wearing a NIN shirt and laughs. Confrontation - at a park. She says Gregg is just a friend. Gregg didn't know about Brent. Brent tells Gregg he hopes he likes sloppy seconds. Krystal says that ain't right. Gregg says she ain't right. She wants to work it out, but Brent says he doesn't need her. Gregg walks away and cries. She admits to him that she was with Brent first. He wants to know if she'll leave Brent for him. She says no and wants Brent to give her a ride. He says no, walks away and says they are over. Gregg thought they were getting married and she was pregnant. He comes over and says he's sorry to Brent and drives her home. Afterwards - Brent has no sympathy for her, felt sorry for Gregg and he should stay away from her. Krystal says men caused her pain in the past and she wanted to give it back. Gregg says he was hurt so deeply that he may never recover. He would only stay with her if she was pregnant for the child's sake.
Jennifer McBride (29-1) She is 23. She first though the police were coming for them for being lewd. Ashley was shocked she was with a man. She expected to get caught and they didn't talk again because he never talked to her face to face. She doesn't like talking on the phone. Brian is not open minded about her deviant, anything goes sex life. She was amazed he would refuse her threesome offer and thought no man would. Being with a woman is so different, men can't offer things. Ashley is just casual, a play toy, everyone needs a toybox. If she was in the same situation again if there's no communication then there's no relationship. He was paranoid.
31 Crystal Laird (Scott Skipworth/Terry Skipworth) She is 28/Mental Health Worker. They met in a club a couple of months ago. She was bored and he came over, they talked, have lunch every day, but she never goes to his house. He won't say where he lives, has no home phone and hides his cell phone calls. She is recently divorced and thinks he's married. If he's lying she won't trust anyone again. He is 41/Security Guard. Day 2 - They trace his phone call to a house at the end of a dirt road. They spot a woman there, then Scott working in the yard. They share a quick kiss and go inside for the rest of the day. Day 4 - Terry comes home in Crystal's car with Scott, gets the mail and they go inside. Day 7 - A detective goes to the door as a salesman for the Dallas Morning News and she confirms she is Scott's wife. Scott comes home in Crystal's car and snuggles on the back porch on a swing with Terry. Phone - He says he's really busy working on a report, has no time for her. She asks him right out if he's married and he denies it. Briefing 10:27pm - Crystal lives nearby and is surprised. Confrontation - at his house. They walk up from the road and Terry is in the yard with some animals. He is in the barn and asks what Crys is doing there. The wife is clueless, had no idea he was cheating. Scott says he only saw her once and said Crystal's car was a company car. Crystal gets the keys from him and shows Terry a picture of her and Scott at Mardi Gras in Galveston. They've been married for 4 years and he told her he went to Galveston for business. Terry tosses the picture and leaves. Crystal says he's a sick bastard for coming over to her house and playing with her daughter. He says he fell in love and got caught between two women. He lied and said he was separated. Terry wants him out by the time she gets home tomorrow. He goes inside and Crystal says she's leaving on a date with a cop. Afterwards - Crystal has had it with men and needs time off. Scott is a manipulator and has to answer to god. Scott says she knew what she was getting into and blames her - it was just casual sex. Terry stands by her man.
Marvin Keel (Keisha Dennis/Damien Renfro) He is 19/Grocery Store Stocker. They met through a cousin, he really liked her, she looked good and dated for 7-8 months. Last month was a waste. They talked about sharing an apartment, then it went downhill. His cousin said she's getting numbers from guys, but can't prove it. He wants the relationship to work, but feels everything's changed. She is 18/Student. Day 5 - Damien comes to her place dropping her off. Phone - Marvin says he'll pick her up from school. She tells him her friend will drive her home. Marvin says this is the third time she's blown him off. She says that's too bad. Day 8 - Damien picks her up and she carries a large white dress. They go to a store, then another for soda, to a park and sit at a table. Phone - Marvin asks her to the movies and she says she's going to the mall and can't go. An hour later they leave. He drops her off. Day 9 - Damien picks her up, goes to a convenience store and they come out all happy. They go to the same park, sit down to eat and he puts his arm around her. They leave, kiss in the car and drops her off. Briefing 2pm - he laughs. Confrontation - outside of a store. She is shocked and walks away then says Damien is doing what he isn't doing. He's never around and he says she made the excuses for him not to be there. He should've gotten the picture. Damien knew she had a boyfriend, they've been together a couple of weeks and it's none of his business. He won't say if they're having sex and denies taking her to a park. Keisha says he should've talked to her and told her how he feels. She gets in a car with Damien and says she's sorry. Afterwards - Marvin left her because she's trash. He joined a singles group and now gets classy women. Keisha didn't mean to hurt him, but it was just so easy to fool him since he was so trusting. She is sorry. Damien is just happy to be getting laid.
Carl Burmeister (28-1) He is 33/Jet Ski Salesman. He is all twitchy and had no idea what was going on, thought it was dogs running through the house, then the cops or the DEA coming for her since she's a troublemaker. He hopes they changed the sheets in between. She was an unchained locket, fun to hang around with, but very immature, wouldn't bring her around to meet his friends and was like Pam Anderson in bed - anyway she can get it. She lied to him, so he isn't guilty. She's catching flak from the show and all these guys want to bang her and girls call her a slut. It's her fault for being on TV. He wanted to rip Cheaters heads off, but didn't want to go to jail. He had no idea she was engaged, he doesn't use drugs and outside he wanted to club Robert like a baby seal. She called him after, but he blew her off, he's done with her. She should go lesbian since she is so bad with guys. He won't ever go with a 19 year old again. He thinks the show is crazy, whacked, controversial and they have balls of steel. He loves the show because it's fun to see idiots get busted.
32 Fernando Estrada (Vanessa Murray/Beau Eastham) He is 21/Satellite Installer. At first it was casual sex, eventually it got serious. Lately sex is lame, wham bam, making excuses. She goes out at 9pm to pick up her brother, 10pm to dinner with parents. He caught her lying a few times, not being with who she says she's with. She is 20/Waitress. Day 3 - She goes to Fernando's job after hours and meets with Beau - his co-worker and best friend - for an hour. Phone - she says she's out with a couple of girls and doesn't know when she'll be back. He should trust her and not wonder. She then goes home. Day 8 - she comes to his work, Beau's there drinking, he carries her in and they start getting it on and turn out the lights. Phone - she says she has to do the laundry and go to the store at 9:30pm. Day 13 - she goes to his job again and they drink, dance, hug. Briefing 7:17pm in a field. He laughs at the footage. Confrontation - at Cheddar's Casual Café as they are leaving. Fernando runs over and flying tackles Beau and they have to be untangled. Vanessa says she's sorry. Beau comes back and pulls Fern down into the bushes in a headlock. She says Beau told her he'd be there for her and she loves Fern, not Beau. She hasn't had sex with Fern in a month so what is she supposed to do use a vibrator? He says yes, because he has been whacking it. A crowd forms including most employees of the café. She didn't want to hurt Fern. Beau can't take it and leaves. She says Fern is always at work or school and not there. She's not ashamed, but was wrong. Fern says he never cheated. She says it was her fault, but she wants to be with Fern. It just happened, only been a few weeks. They had sex 3-4 times. Fern goes to his car, tosses her glasses on the ground and says she can walk home. Afterwards - Fernando wants to be taken seriously and has refused to talk to Vanessa. She says it's the biggest mistake she has ever made. Beau took time to cool off and won't mess with Fern again.
Brittany Croson (Stephanie Watts/Jodi Vincent) She is 23/Student. When they first met she was engaged, they became best friends, hung out all the time. She then broke up with the guy and went to her. This was her first lesbian lover. She goes to different places without her and asked Steph is she's cheating and she said no. She thinks she's with someone from school and has to know. She is 22/Student Day 2 - Steph leaves her apartment with Jodi, drives her to school, drops her off and waits outside until class is over. They drive back to the apartment, Jodi grabs Steph's ass and they go inside for hours. Day 7 - They go to school together, walk in hand in hand then back to her place for a couple of hours. Day 10 - Jodi drops Steph off at school, picks her up later and the kiss. Phone - Britt says she'll pick Steph up at school and she tells her no, she has to do like some stuff. Meanwhile they hang around all day and kiss. Briefing 3:23pm at White Rock Lake. Confrontation - the are powerwalking nearby and they crack up laughing. Jodi is wearing Britt's clothes so Britt pushes Steph and Jodi gets pissed off. Jodi knew they were dating and didn't care. Steph says Britt was probably cheating on her and Britt denies it. Jodi says Steph let her wear the clothes, she doesn't want to be there and goes to her car. Steph says they haven't had sex in 3 weeks and she hasn't had sex with Jodi. She cares about her, but they fight all the time and aren't intimate. She's pissed off at Britt, but understands. Jodi is mad and comes back for Steph. Britt can't believe Steph would be with someone so ugly. Jodi and Steph get into the car together. Jodi says she isn't embarrassed and throws Britt's shoe out the window. Britt slaps her and Jodi says never to her again, gets out and gets in her face. They drive off and then come back. Steph says the shirt she's wearing is Britts' and takes it off and throws it at her. Her breasts her now hanging out, so she grabs them and says "suck my tits bitch" and they drive off with Steph giving her the finger out the window. Afterwards - Britt wants to reconcile. Steph care about her and was just having a fling. Jodi says she takes what she wants and is gong back to school and men.
Dana Christopher (26-2) He didn't know what was going on and wanted to get out of there and not be on camera. He knew what was going on, it wasn't an accident. He says he didn't get oral sex in his drunk as seen in the video. He was drunk, she dropped something on the floor. He dropped his son Dylan off upstairs, he didn't abandon him at home. He says strippers are insecure and stuff happened that was taken the wrong way. He says they are still getting married in a year and have put it all behind them.
33 Malayki Dancer (Amanda/Jared Coombs) He is 22/Copier Salesman. They met at his favorite club, hung out, she met his friends and they all like her. Then he violated probation, went to jail and is under house arrest with an ankle bracelet. He can't go out, but she still goes and parties. He hears she's out with other guys and he can't stay with a cheater. She is 19/Cosmotologist. Day 2 - she leaves home and goes to the back door of a house at 1am. Phone - he wants to see her and she says she's going to bed early and getting up early the next day to go out with her mom. Meanwhile she comes out and has different clothes on and Jarod is shirtless as he walks her out. Day 4 - She goes to Jarod's place, they leave, go to a Days Inn and get a room for a couple of hours. Day 5 - she goes to his house at night. Phone - she tells Mal that she's waiting for her mom to pick her up. He says it's the third weekend in a row she's blown him off. Meanwhile she's staying at Jarod's, suddenly runs out to her car, then goes back inside to have sex. She leaves hours later and he walks her out and waves goodbye. Briefing 11:33pm. Confrontation - at the Days Inn Hotel room #142. They knock on the door, Jarod opens it and Mal pushes him. She said it was over, but Mal didn't know. Jarod doesn't care if she was with Mal. She won't come out, says it's over and he's cheating on her. Mal says to keep the bitch because every time Jarod kisses her he's sucking his dick. He says whatever and goes back in the room. She tells Mal to go away. Jarod gives him the finger in the window and Mal leaves. Afterwards - Malaki took some time off. He tried to do the right thing, but women lie. He's done with her. Amanda grew weary of him not being able to go out and is sorry she wasn't honest. Jarod says it's a good thing security was there so he didn't go to jail and he left Amanda too.
Sara Hays (Jamie Vogt/Withheld Transvestite) She is 18/Hostess. They met through a friend at school. He called her, they went out to eat, he was real sweet, really nice and it was all about her. She got suspicious when he stopped calling as much, he doesn't stay over and they don't go out. They don't have sex, just kiss. What's wrong? She wants sex and thinks he's lying. She starts crying and says she can't handle dishonesty. Trust is the most important thing and she's being taken advantage of. He is 28/Movie Theater Manager. Day 1 - a girl comes to his apartment and stays until 4:15am, he is shirtless when she leaves. Day 4 - she comes over and they find out the vehicle is registered to another man. Phone - Sara wants to hang out, but he says he's going to a party at a club with friends and she can't go because it's 21 and up. Meanwhile the girl leaves late and he drinks. Day 8 - she comes over late again and leaves at 3:45am. Briefing 9:36pm - she fights back tears. Confrontation - at a park in her Coupe. She's in the drivers seat and Sara comes over to the passenger side as asks what he's doing. He says, 'what's this?' He gets out and Sara jumps in the car and grabs the girls hair. It is a wig and comes off. It turns out that she is really a he. The shemale runs off and hits Tommy. The shemale didn't care if he had a girlfriend and he comes back and puts the wig on. Jamie says he came on to him and the shemale says he'll be back. Sara goes after the shemale in the car and Jamie pulls her off and tells the shemale to go away. He claims he didn't know the shemale was a guy, he was drunk and got oral from him. Then he gets mad at Tommy and gets on his knees in front of Sara and wants to talk saying he only did it twice. Tommy says it was at least three times they saw and he had hairy legs. Jamie screams that the shemale is disgusting he wants to talk to Sara alone. He claims he wouldn't hurt her and broke his back for her so that must count for something. She says she was cheated on before and he knew it, how could he? She cried and says she'll give him one more chance and he says he'll prove it to her. Afterwards - Sara was forgiving at first, but left Jamie. Jamie says there was no sex, he should've said that during the confrontation, but was angry and didn't want to get into it. The shemale threatened a lawsuit if his likeness was used.
Marty Greenstein (29-2) He is 23/Unemployed. He was surprised, overwhelmed and regrets not telling her sooner. She was harsh to him and he's trying to keep things on good terms if possible. If he could have his way he never would've left Carrie in the first place and would've been honest to Jen. He feels awkward that he was followed, it creeps him out, but was for the best. He's happy, it was all good and is very sorry it happened that way. If he had been honest he could've avoided it. He wishes Jen well and happiness, but he's staying with Carrie and the kids.

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